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Bank Reconciliation Statement    

 A bank reconciliation statement is a statement prepared by organizations to reconcile the balance of cash at bank in a company's own records with theReconciliation of Bank services bank statement on a particular date. This statement is the most common tool used by organizations for reconciling the balance as per books of company with the bank statement and is made at the end of every month. The main objective of reconciliation is to ascertain if the discrepancy is due to error rather than timing. Our sophisticated tools will make the bank reconciliation process more accurate. By managing your bank reconciliation tasks in a professional and cost-effective manner, we serve as an extension of your small business accounting. You can outsource all your bank reconciliation requirements to us, save up to 40% to 50%. Each professional is assigned to only a single client, this helps them in developing specific knowledge required for that particular client.

 The difference between the two records on a given date may arise because of the following

  • Cheques drawn but not yet presented to the bank.
  • Cheques received but not yet deposited in the bank.
  • Interest credited and not recorded in the organization's books.
  • Bank charges debited but not recorded in the organization's books.

Benefits of outsourcing Bank reconciliation services

  • Helps in better and more efficient maintenance of books of accounts
  • Discrepancy between cash and bank pass book is detected easily.
  • Personnel in accounts department can concentrate on more important issues.
  • Corporates with high volume accounts are the biggest beneficiaries.
  • Less paper work reduces confusion
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