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Form Processing ServicesAs a part of our form processing services we convert information on paper forms into electronic format. In order to accomplish this we capture data from all kinds of forms, which are handwritten or typed. Our form processing services includes extracting information from both structured as well as unstructured forms. Structured forms would mean information arranged in tabular format or columns with boxes. On the other hand, unstructured format would include extraction from surveys, application forms, and even questionnaires.

Generally, Form Processing is a very expensive and time consuming task. It involves form design, data capture, handwritten information recognition, human intervention, transport, and storage. Various types of form processing services include insurance claim forms, survey/market research forms, accounts/tax forms, resume processing, legal forms, e-mail forms, online forms, invoices/purchase orders, membership application forms, immigration forms, and questionnaires. To give you the best of form processing service, we have excellent infrastructure and equipment. Our qualified professionals have many years of experience in providing comprehensive form processing solutions. Also, we have expertise in processing HTML forms, CGI forms, ASP, JSP, and PHP forms. State-of-the-art software is used for the automatic extraction of information like names, addresses, phone numbers, dates, bar codes, product codes, and numbers. Our quality assurance team provides the highest level of accuracy according to your requirements.

Our Form Processing Services Include

  • HTML forms
  • Legal forms
  • Email forms
  • Online and offline forms
  • Survey forms
  • Purchase/Sales Orders


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